25 September 2022

Finding a new hobby

I think I need a new hobby. Sports has been keeping me occupied but most days I just want to stay indoors.

I was into handicrafts back in the days so maybe I'll give it a try.

23 January 2022


Okay... so results were shared last night and.. I'm COVID positive.

I'm not really sure when exactly I caught it. I go out every weekend but I always make sure to wear a mask. I've been doing this the past year and the places I go to aren't even crowded. I remove my mask whenever I eat though but since I'm fully vaccinated with Moderna, I thought I should be alright. Considering I can still blog, you could say I'm fairing well. Just a little sick. Still have that dry cough and my throat feels like there's a burn or wound inside. It's also making it diffucult to speak. I drink lukewarm water to hydrate myself and I take lots of Vitamin C and had Bioflu paracetamol to lower my fever. So far I think it's working since i feel much better compared to how I was a few days ago. I still have my sense of smell and taste thankfully. I heard it takes a long time before it returns so at least that's one less worry. Omicron easily spreads but is less fatal unlike the initial COVID and delta variant. Nevertheless, be careful for the rest of you folks!

22 January 2022

COVID symptoms

I think I just caught COVID. My throat started getting that scratchy feel a few days ago which eventually became a sore throat. Now I’m having dry coughs, a runny nose, chills, headache, and high temperature of 38.7 degrees. I still have my sense of smell and taste though. But I have a colleague who was positive in COVID and didn’t experience the loss of these senses so it’s still possible I caught the virus. Today our household had a RT-PCR test. Result will be given tonight and I hope it’s a negative. :(

20 January 2022

New year, new COVID

It’s a bit late but happy new year! Got myself a new hobby doing digital “art” lol. Well, I tried. Here’s a little girl who woke up at the wrong side of the bed. It’s giving an annoyed look since 2022 welcomed us with a full blast of COVID omicron cases. Give it up for Pandemic season 3! *cries*

27 December 2021

Your highs and lows this month

 Day 7 of 7-day blogging challenge.

This is it! Last blog post of the challenge. I can't say December has been a wonderful month despite the holiday season. I don't have enough motivation so it's mostly lows. Usually there's less work since it's the year-end but it's the opposite this time so I'm having a hard time completing my tasks. I think the only high for it is being able to keep up doing it. The lows are mostly work-related and the highs are mostly personal. I'm spending the holidays back home with my niece. She's just the most adorable baby ever and her laugh or giggle is music to my ears. She's definitely the highlight of this month. I also won a mini tournament so that's another. :)

06 December 2021

What are you proud of your personality

 Day 6 of 7-day blogging challenge.

This is a tough one. Hmm... perhaps taking on challenges. Always pushing myself to do better. Being adventurous and seemingly unafraid. Lol.

03 December 2021

One time a random stranger helped you

 Day 5 of 7-day blogging challenge.

This is something that happened back in 2015. I was in a MRT train and I didn't really eat anything before going out. I woke up late and I was meeting my friend to eat out so I thought I will just lose appetite if I take a bite so I skipped it.

The train was packed as usual and I had to stand. Suddenly I felt dizzy and it was the first time I felt I might just faint. It was a hot day and the crowded train made it worse. So there I was standing praying my body can still hold out 'til I get to my station. I was holding a hand rail and I made eye contact with a student (college I think) and I must have looked really pale for her to notice. I didn't say anything but she was really kind to stand up and offer her seat. I barely remember what she looked and I only got to give her an apologetic smile and a thank you response. The MRT in Manila is no joke and getting a seat rarely happens for me. She was a real life saver. Sitting helped me feel a lot better. She eventually had to go since it was her stop. I got off the train after a few more stops and went straight to a food stall to get myself a drink and something to munch on. I hope that girl is doing well in life and I pray for her success.

01 December 2021

Something you miss

Day 4 of 7-day blogging challenge.

Something I miss is my college days. If I was to choose the best school life, that will be it. I was considered a quiet kid at first impression back in primary until high school so college was really me breaking that. Perhaps what I should have done better then was to travel with friends. But my allowance then wasn't really something that can take travelling expenses. Lol. Oh! and yeah, I also miss travelling since COVID got us all stuck at home. Can't wait to be back exploring the world!

29 November 2021

Your morning routine

Continuing the 7-day blogging challenge. Better late than never! Lol.

Morning routine? Hmm.. Nothing out of the ordinaty. I wake up, complain about the alarm, snooze it, go back to bed, eventually really wake up, panic I might be late for work, take a bath and get ready for work, grab a cup of coffee, have breakfast. But usually I just skip coffee and breakfast because I know I'm about to be late. Haha! What's your morning routine?