26 February 2017

Wishing for safe and happy travels

It was a roller-coaster ride for 2016 and I say bring it on 2017!

The first quarter of 2016 was the most fun as I got to experience travelling to a foreign country (Hongkong) with a group of close friends. It's my second time travelling outside and it was indeed a memorable journey. I was ecstatic and nervous at first since I'm not familiar with what to do and where to go once you enter the airport. Had I not been with my friends, I would have been fumbling around and looking lost.

As for 2017, I am set to travel to local destinations and a trip to Japan with my family while a solo flight to Thailand. I'm a little nervous about the Thailand trip since I will be going alone. A friend of mine will be accompanying me but we have a different flight schedule. I don't want to embarrass myself in the airport so I need to make sure I remember the details.

I want to visit more places in the future, and hopefully have the time and money to do so. More seat sales please!

23 September 2016

2016 Korean Drama Watch list

Is it just me or does 2016 have too many good Korean dramas? I mean there's always awesome shows each year but not this many! It all started with Cheese in the Trap! I'm so thankful they made a live action of it. I've been following its webtoon since 2011! It's too bad the English translated versions took a while to update. My patience was tested really well waiting for the next chapters. Now I no longer have to because I finished watching all episodes. I found out the show isn't much different from the comic. I know this is just wishful thinking, but I'm hoping for a Season 2. Fingers crossed.

Speaking of webtoons, there's W. Yes the title is just the letter, W. It's unique and interesting because a person becomes warped in a comic. For a drama, that'll be difficult to pull off. But I skipped this for a while after watching around five or six episodes. Saving it for later, I guess? There's also Cinderella and the Four Knights. It's somewhat similar to Boys over Flowers and I watched around 8 episodes, but stopped midway. Why? Geu-nyang. Haha!

Then there's Descendants of the Sun. I didn't finish watching it though. Spoilers were everywhere in Facebook and other social media sites, and it sort of blew me off. But definitely the kilig part was there every time I see it.

I stopped checking the latest dramas around May and got back after randomly seeing a trailer of Doctors Crush. To be honest I prefer the latter over Descendants of the Sun. I don't know if I'm biased because I adore the Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won pairing, or because I didn't finish DOS. Then again.. I was more interested in the second lead couple.

After Doctors Crush came Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. It's still ongoing and I wait for the raws and English subtitles every week. The waiting part is annoying. I normally start watching a drama once its completed but I'm too hooked and excited to watch the next episode. I don't even bother waiting for the English subtitles. They tend to cut scenes in the Eng sub version. I honestly don't know why they even do that. They keep cutting the good parts too! They removed a major development scene in episode 8! Ugh. How dare you. Had I not watched the raws, I wouldn't know about it. Don't do the same for Episode 10, 11, and the rest! Chebal.

Another for the historical genre is Love in the Moonlight. There's only one reason why I love it. Park Bogum. *Insert fangirl-ing moment* I mean.. just look at him! Be still, my heart. lol

I'm just waiting for Hwarang: The Beginning and my 2016 will be complete. ♥

18 September 2016


I was checking my old posts and I can't help but ask "The eff did I share... I wrote this?!" Haha! There goes my trip down memory lane. And the content is pretty much repetitive. Looking back, I just type whatever comes to mind lol. Well it is a personal blog after all. But I'm definitely hiding the somewhat embarrassing posts or memories I want buried. I wonder why my 18-year old self even posted it. *insert face palm meme*

05 August 2016


Often there are days I can't help but feel down, realizing how little and behind I've become. I ask myself, "Where did all my confidence go?"

13 July 2016

Enjoy the ride

I recently started pursuing my goals in life. I admit there are some challenges especially now that I'm in the initial stage of it. I know the starting point is confusing but that's what keeps me going. I feel nervous and excited at the same time and that's the feeling I was looking for.  I knew I should have started earlier but I'm glad I had the courage to come out of my comfort zone. It's now or never.