Beginning of a new chapter

Ever had that mixed feeling where you're both nervous and excited for what's coming? Damn. I don't know what to think and feel anymore. It's the beginning of a new chapter and I'm restless. Although I am often confident with my decisions, my instinct's telling me to be more cautious.

Fixing body clock

I thought I was done fixing my body clock but after finding new shows to stream online, it's been a non-stop binge watching the past week. I barely leave my place. Problem is that starting Monday I have to follow a morning schedule, waking up at 6 in the morning. Just how am I supposed to adjust my typical 6 am sleeping schedule to wake up time instead?

Last night I tried going to bed early. I did fell asleep at around 9:30 pm only to end up waking at 11 pm. Afterwards I had a hard time returning to sleep. I am still wide awake even now while writing this blog entry.

They say drinking chamomile tea before bed time could help. Any suggestions?

One Last God: Kubera

I just noticed it's been 7 years since I've been reading ongoing comics. Yes, I still read from time to time. I don't think I'll ever get tired of reading mangas and webtoons. lol

One of my top most read is a webtoon called Kubera. Since I first read it in 2011, I've been regularly checking for new chapter updates. When I saw the rankings, I was surprised it's not even at the top 100. Maybe it's because I'm into fantasy and stories about gods and goddesses so I'm fixated on it. But seriously, I can't help but think it's underrated! The story line is interesting! It makes you question and be intrigued how the story will flow. It feels like Game of Thrones except the setting is different and the main character has been established from the very beginning. But the way it makes you curious and speculate on the possibilities is what keeps me on my toes reading and wanting more.

Maybe the low views which made it drop the rank is caused by the webtoon being licensed. Some sites stopped allowing online viewing but I looked it up and you can read the English translated chapters HERE. Gosh, I remember it only had around 20 chapters when I first discovered it. Now it's at chapter 345! I kind of want to meet the author haha! Ang random lang eh lol


Gone were the days I only have to worry about grades. After entering the workforce and taking the responsibility of paying my own bills, managing finances, and taking care of oneself, I finally understand why some adults wish to go back to being a student.

Studying is hard but working is more difficult because you are faced with unpredictable challenges. Some you cannot deal with by simply memorizing a book or understanding a topic. It's even harder if you're juggling it with personal matters.

Funny how I thought I wouldn't have to study again after graduation. It was only after when I realized I need to push myself, wanting to learn more to keep up with this fast-paced world.

MUST WATCH: Why Secretary Kim/ What's Wrong with Secretary Kim

Current must watch Korean drama for 2018 goes to Why Secretary Kim (alternative title: What's Wrong with Secretary Kim)!!!

Episode 6 just aired in Korea and I'm waiting for the English subtitles. It's like Doctors Crush all over again. I've been refreshing the page to see if the subs are out even though I know it will be available the next day at around 10 am (or earlier).

It's released Wednesday and Thursday on a weekly basis, but it feels twice the waiting time. I guess it seems longer since it's in the middle of the week. Knowing it's available on Wednesday but having to watch it Thursday and Friday due to subs is making it harder. I prefer it released Monday and Tuesday. Ugh I should have waited for it to be completed before watching. But the wait is sooooo worth it. Kilig sobra. I read the first few (free syempre hehe) chapters of its webtoon at TappyToon before watching and I was hooked. Check it here.

As for the cast, Park Seo-joon acts as Vice Chairman Lee Young-joon while Park Min-young as Secretary Kim Mi So. Sobrang cute nila as a pair. Dying every episode with their chemistry. And Park Min-young is sooooo fit for the role. Comparing it with the webtoon after watching the first episode, I can't imagine a different actress other than her. It's also nice that the main male lead isn't too straight-faced or masyadong pa-cool. I'm so glad Park Seo-joon (Oppa! ♥) played this role. His facial expressions made the show even better!!! Saranghae!!!

Can't wait for Episode 7 and 8!!!